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In these Encaustic Workshops, I focus on fun and exploration. I bring to you my light spirit and sense of adventure as we set off together to experience the feel of warm beeswax and tree sap gliding across our warm griddles. The smell is intoxicating, lifting its luscious aroma into our shared space, our waxes dancing before our eyes, blending seamlessly with the rich colorful encaustic pigments, which we pull across the surfaces of our paintings. It’s a transcendent experience, and it will transport you in more ways than one. There is a shift that happens when we pull and push wax across wood and take in the natural aroma of Encaustic wax. We paint, dig, carve, embed, sculpt, layer, fuse, and rub different media into and onto the wax. In class I am your guide, and I will bring to you the amazing experience of combining fiber, wood, paper and metals with encaustic wax, which will delight your senses and uplift your art making. Encaustic painting will truly feed your soul, and keep you coming back for more! Students often take more than one, if not all the workshops offered in a series at national conferences. Right now I am working out more waxy ideas to bring to you! I’ll see you there!


Look for these workshops:


Word Shield Painting- Linda Lenart McNulty

Encaustic Daguerreotype Paintings

There is something so beautiful and eerie about the old Daguerreotype photos – I’ve always wanted a set of my own, or to somehow be able to recreate them. Well, with the help of  techniques such as photo transfer, ink rubs, metal leaf, and deep stamping with Victorian objects, I have recreated the look of Daguerreotype photos as Encaustic Paintings. I’ll share my tricks with you and we’ll have fun in the process! Come join me in making  your own personalized set of Encaustic Daguerreotypes.


    Ancient Book of Wax

Mmmm…to saturate completely a tiny ancient book and then recreate it as one’s own masterpiece of wax, complete with muted color and smokey hidden interiors! Now this is something you will want to experience. This is such a freeing experience, and besides having a gorgeous outcome, you’ll love the juicy explorations that are possible on each page with collage, metal leafing, smudgy writing, and painting with oil paints.


Encaustic Color Explorations-Linda Lenart McNulty (800x204)Encaustic Color Explorations 2-Linda Lenart McNulty (800x214)Encaustic Color Explorations 3-Linda Lenart McNulty (800x215)

Encaustic Color Explorations

In this workshop we will be exploring color! Color in encaustic painting is often intuitive. For the most part, we just play around. But by going a little deeper into our study of color and what makes it tick, we will open up a whole new range of possibilities in our work.

We’ll explore found color– dissecting it and reinventing it in our paintings, through layering and mixing on the palette; and see if we can’t get color to reinvent itself for us. We’ll see what makes color complements and analogues click, and how these color groupings work together to tone each other down or brighten each other up. We’ll compare hue, tint and shade, and how this specifically relates to encaustic painting, where we include light and the layering of medium, or the ratio of pigments in our work, and not just the addition of white and black paint. And we will touch on the ever elusive theory of warm and cool colors, and how they interact.

In the end, we will get more comfortable with choosing our own personal color palettes, and gain confidence in how our color choices can influence our work.


Linda McNulty- Encaustic Fiber & Dipping Wkshp Poster   

Fiber & Wax: Dipping, Embedding & Layering

In this workshop, we will be dipping all sorts of fibers into encaustic wax. Papers, botanicals, cloth, silk ribbon, metallic threads, teabags, rose petals, bones… nothing will escape our reach. The boundaries are wide open for mixing, shrouding, layering and embedding anything our heart’s desire. We can cover our creations with metallic script, paint rubs and inky drawings. Beauty abounds in this waxy, fiber workshop.


Linda Lenart McNulty cavo-relieveo 10 (800x600)

Encaustic Cavo Relievo 

In this workshop, we experiment with both foliage and handmade stencils  to create deep cavernous and relief effects on the Encaustic surface. This is done by painting materials into the  wax, and then pulling them out before the wax cures.

There are two different approaches to Cavo Relievo: one emphasizes pattern and one emphasizes texture. We will play with both approaches.



Encaustic Grid Studies

The study of grids opens up a new frontier of design ideas you never knew you had. When working in repetition, a series of work is allowed to emerge that expands your boundaries. Patterns, textures and colors will combine and redistribute themselves across a number of paintings in a way that will surprise and delight you. A body of work will emerge that will be cohesive and polished.


Reflective Surfaces in Encaustic Painting

September’s demos will be on everything Reflective. In fact, that is the idea theme as well: Reflection. I will give demos using all kinds of Reflective Mixed Media: Mirrored Tiles, Mica Stone, Shattered Iridescent Mica, Mica Powder, “antiqued” Rhinestones and Pearls, lots of Metal Leaf, Metallic Transfer Foil, Metallic R&F Pigment Sticks, and Metallic Encaustic Paint. When this reflective mixed media accentuates your paintings’ smooth waxy surfaces and images from your reflections, you’ll see your ideas come together in a way that satisfies your inner artist!


Saturated Waxy Color

Learn the secrets of layering color so that your painting becomes luminous with undertones and muted surface rubs. This workshop looks at building color through layering, altering color through tone, using texture to grab up color rubs, and varying a theme of color choices.


The Art of Inlay II - Linda McNulty (800x581)

 Intarsia: The Art of Inlay

In this workshop, The Art of Inlay, also called “Intarsia”, will be emphasized. This is a technique where channels & areas are dug out of the waxy painting, and new warm wax laid in. The painting is then scraped back to reveal gorgeous line and form in luminous color. It’s a relaxing and captivating technique, and a good one to add to your encaustic repertoire.


Transparency & Opacity in Encaustic Painting

In this workshop, the emphasis will be on practicing techniques which pair the contrasting surfaces of opacity and transparency. Textures will be explored, along with how it applies to surfaces which alternately hide and reveal the hidden layers underneath the surface. Your encaustic skills and your sense of balance in paintings will both improve after working with these concepts.


Encaustic Skies-Linda Lenart McNulty (800x467)

How to draw on the Surface of Encaustic Paintings

In this workshop, we will  explore expressive drawn line and varied brushstroke. We will alternately layer within and build up the wax, using line and stroke to create encaustic imagery. We will continue to experiment using all types of wax-compatible mediums on the surface and within the layers of the wax, with: oil pastel, water soluble pastel pencil, chalk pastel, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil and ink. 

Transitional Imagery: Encaustic MonoPrinting

Get ready to think outside the encaustic box…

In this Encaustic MonoPrinting Workshop- you’ll feel like a printer at the ink press, only you’ll be pressing wax!

Encaustic MonoPrinting is a unique process; it’s a whole different feel than encaustic painting. We use different equipment, and it’s a different process altogether.

It’s like the playful part of encaustic painting- but instead of brushwork, you play with mark-making directly on a smooth hot aluminum plate- it’s all about surface play, mark making, and the immediacy of layering color using the encaustic crayons straight up on the plate. We press prints onto paper and layer wax marks to make images. Ghost images are left on the plate after our pressings, and we can redraw with our crayons or transition our imagery to the next phase. I’ll show you additive and subtractive mark-making, how to get the best prints through temperature control and registration, how to work with different paper types, and how to use a variety of tools and objects for unusual marks.


Encaustic Watercolor Experiments

In this Workshop we experiment with rich watercolor pigments on watercolor paper, play with saturating them in warm encaustic wax, and then embed them, in whole or in part, into our encaustic paintings. As our watercolor paper hits the warm wax on the griddle, it undergoes a transformation: the pigment becomes even richer, even more subdued, and begins to diffuse, from the paper, into the wax. We can get imagery and color that we would never have created any other way. Experimenting with this technique will take you outside your art box, and into new directions with your work.


Linda Lenart McNulty-Crying Saint Shrine II (721x800)


Encaustic Shakudo

Shakudo is a Japanese metals technique historically used in the making of swords for Samurais, which, once the Samurai class became obsolete, showed itself in jewelry. A gold and copper alloy was used to make a black patina, which was then engraved upon to create intricate design work.

In the Encaustic Shakudo workshop we will apply this concept to the beautiful metal shrines that I provide. We will layer wax with 3 types of metal leaf  and mellow it with a blue-black patina.



Flemish Pears meet Charcoal & Wax


This workshop is inspired by Flemish Oil Paintings and the process of painting from a still life. I have transferred these concepts into an encaustic approach, using encaustic techniques such as layering, glazing, burnishing and sgraffito to capture the Flemish approach of under-painting and layering of oil paint. With the pear as the subject, we will capture its organic form in wax using charcoal, then apply oil paint in layers, and finish with scraffito and metallic finishes.


More Encaustic Painting Workshops:

Encaustic Wabi Sabi

Encaustic Cathedral  

Luminous Layering 

Approaches to Figurative Encaustic Painting


Encaustic Jewelry Workshops:

I never intended to go into jewelry…it just came with the territory of being Susan Lenart Kazmer’s sister! I morphed the encaustic painting form with the beautiful bezel work of my sis and voila- a new art form was born.

Waxing Images 

Cryptic Encaustics 

Wearable Encaustic Shrines

Word Shield 

Encaustic Daguerreotype Jewelry

Relief & Recessed Forms in Encaustic Jewelry




Art & Soul, Portland, Oregon, April 7th – 14th, 2014:

At Art & Soul this year I am teaching actual painting classes, not jewelry (well, ok, there are those Wearable Shrines we all love, but I hang mine on my wall!) so come and spend the day painting with me in one or all of my classes. In Wearable Encaustic Shrines , you’ll learn casting and faux finishes with pouring and embellishment; in Encaustic Dagguereotype Paintings, you’ll learn how to layer transparent color with photo-transfer and eerie surface treatments; in Luminous Layering you will learn how to layer collage images and gorgeous paper to create synergistic paintings, glowing with color and light. Take one, two, or all three- each one will be a fun, rewarding encaustic experience and you will delight in the new techniques you learn!

Wearable Encaustic Shrines

Wearable Encaustic Shrines: Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Encaustic Dagguereotype PaintingsEncaustic Dagguereotype Paintings: Friday, April 11th, 2014

Luminous LayeringLuminous Layering; Beneath the Surface of Encaustic Wax:

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Encaustic Wabi Sabi 2 - Linda Lenart McNulty (638x640)FAVA, Oberlin, Ohio, March 15th – April 5th, 2014: I am teaching locally at our beautiful arts center in Oberlin, Ohio. Come on Saturdays, 1 pm – 4:30 pm and have a relaxing open-studio experience with instruction on techniques suited exactly to your interests, in my 4 week long Encaustic Studio Jam.

Encaustic Wabi Sabi-Linda Lenart McNulty (640x385)FAVA, Oberlin, Ohio, March 1st, 2014: Encaustic Wabi Sabi Workshop: In this one-day workshop (12 pm to 4 pm), we will play on warm griddles- using Encaustic Medium and hand dipping all types of paper and textures  to create gorgeous layered, aged-looking pieces of transparent collage ready for framing or hanging in windows. This is sometimes called “working directly on the palette” where you layer and create collage right smack in a pool of warm encaustic wax, then lift the whole thing off, then continue to work the surface with all types of mixed media. Come learn this technique on a blustery March day, warm and snug in the studio, with a group of fun-loving folks, each one expanding their creativity to new waxy heights! See you there!

To Bead True Blue 2014, Tucson, Arizona, February 2nd – 10th, 2014: 

My Encaustic Classes can be purchased at on the Workshop page. I’ll be teaching four all-day classes so you can really sink your teeth in and learn everything you ever wanted to learn about encaustics. This year, you will not only learn to make the jewelry, but you will make small paintings too. This is because painting really gives you a feel for the encaustic art form. These classes are dynamic and fun and you won’t want to miss out on the brilliant encaustic community that is just beginning to blossom at To Bead True Blue! Take one or take many encaustic classes- each class focuses on a different technique, and at the end, I sell off the griddles and micro torches, so you may even go home with an instant encaustic studio to go with that head full of knowledge and those skilled hands! Come and join me- I’ll be looking for you!!!!

This year I will be teaching four Encaustic Workshops:

Waxing Images-Linda Lenart McNulty*Waxing Images: you will make multiple encaustic pendants, playing with color, wax inlay (intarsia), and wax photo transfer.

Word Shield Painting- Linda Lenart McNultyWord Shield -Linda Lenart McNulty (295x640)*Word Shield: you will play with layering and scraping antique color and writing in metallic script on the surface of the wax- first as an encaustic painting, then as a piece of encaustic jewelry.

Cryptic Encaustics Painting (2) (640x443)Cryptic Encaustics I- Linda Lenart McNulty*Cryptic Encaustics: you will play with layering transparent color, and with deep stamping and excavating- first as an encaustic painting, then as a piece of encaustic jewelry.

SHRINES I- Linda Lenart McNulty*Wearable Encaustic Shrines: you will play with tins and bezels, creating small shrines using encaustic casting, pouring and collage techniques. 


FAVA, Oberlin, Ohio, October 19th – November 23rd: I am teaching locally at our beautiful arts center in Oberlin, Ohio. Come on Saturdays, 1 pm – 4 pm and have a relaxing open-studio experience with instruction on techniques suited exactly to your interests, in my 6 week workshop titled: Encaustic Studio Play.

Idyllwild Summer Arts Camp, July 11th – 13th, 2013; Strawberry Valley, California. This is a relaxing 3-day workshop called:

On the BanksThe Santos Cage Doll Redefined: Figurative Mixed Media Art, where I guide 15 students through the building of a Santos Cage Doll, using all types of Mixed Media. We actually Sculpt in Polymer, Cast in Encaustic and ICE Resin, build a Wooden Cage (from a kit provided), and then Embellish with every wonderful thing you can think of. On the last day we even build a Reliquary for the Santos to wear or hold. Materials are provided, but a few things you’ll bring. This promises to be gorgeous, relaxing and fun! 

Adorn Me!, February 28 – March 3rd, 2013 Houston, Texas:  I’ll be teaching 3 Encaustic Classes: Wearable Encaustic Shrine, where students will play with bezeled wax and experience encaustic casting and faux finishes with embedding and collage; and   Cryptic Encaustics, where students will play with bezeled wax and experience deep mark-making and excavating. The student will leave all three classes with finished encaustic jewelry. Also I will be teaching a day and a half workshop called Building Figurative Jewelry, where the students will cast found figurative elements in ICE Resin on the first day, and then turn them into fantastic figurative creations using metals and mixed media on the second day!

ToBeadTrueBlue, February 3rd – February 8th, 2013, Tucson, Arizona: Classes are up on the site! I will be teaching these 4 hour Encaustic Workshops. Click here to see class descriptions; go to’s site to sign up:

Encaustic Angels Among Us

Encaustic God’s-Eye Pendant

Encaustic Daguerreotype Pendant

Encaustic Caveo Rilieveo

Casting in ICE

Bead and Button, June 6 – 10th, 2012; Milwaukee, Wisconsin: I will be co-teaching with Cheri Lenart:  The Travelling SeriesThe Journey Necklace; Mini Wearable Altar; Resin Architecture. Follow the link for dates and times!

To Bead True Blue, Tucson; January 29th – February 3rd, 2012:                                      I’ll be teaching workshops in creating wearable art with ICE Resin.  These include a 3 hour casting class: Resin Architecture; another 3 hour class called Mini Wearable Altar; some two hour classes called: Resin Alchemy, Heart’s Desire Pendant, and The Journey Necklace; and  lots of 1 hour introductory Resin Classes: Resin 101, Resin Basics and Intro to Bezels.

Oberlin College Winter Workshop, Ohio; January 9th – January 20th, 2012:              I will be teaching the Oberlin College students every aspect of Encaustic Painting in this 50 hour workshop.


32 Responses to Workshops

  1. cheryl newbern says:

    Do you ever teach in northern California?

    • That would be very tempting!I would love to lead an encaustic group in California. Also, you are near Wax Works West, a fantastic Encaustic Workshop Goldmine!

  2. Debra says:

    Which classes will you be teaching in Tucson? Thanks

    • The classes haven’t been posted yet, but I’ll be teaching lots of 1 hour introductory Resin Classes: Resin 101, Resin Basics and Intro to Bezels; a 3 hour casting class: Resin Architecture; another 3 hour class called Mini Wearable Altar; and some two hour classes called: Resin Alchemy, Heart’s Desire Pendant, and The Journey Necklace. Hope you can come!!!!

      • Debra says:

        Today I am going to email and see what classes I can sign up for…I checked out the To Bead True Blue Workshop site. Last year I took a couple of classes with Barbe, she was great…This is exciting

  3. Pingback: New Pieces, New Classes | Luminous Encaustics

  4. Marianne Meil says:

    Hello –
    Is there any news on the Encaustics and the Book Arts workshop mentioned above? I would love to know if you are planning anything in Ohio in the balance on 2012 or in 2013. Thanks – m

    • Hi Marianne, Sorry, I got overbooked with submissions for future workshops, creating a new body of work, and the writing of a book on Casting using ICE Resin. I almost took a local gig at our museum teaching a weekend series on integrating Encaustics with Renaissance Painting, but the amperage issue was tricky. I am finding its hard to take Encaustic workshops to places that don’t expect the amperage and ventilation needs of Encaustic Painting. How local are you?

  5. Marianne Meil says:

    Hi Linda – thanks for your reply. I live in Cleveland Heights – east side, but not too far. Am I correct that you live in Oberlin?

    • Yes, I live in Oberlin! I may just end up doing something local, yet! A friend of mine just offered for me to use her studio for a class (its huge and has great ventilation and potentially good amperage- we’re checking), the trouble is my schedule is rather full until spring. Check back and I’ll make an effort to teach an Encaustic Class in Oberlin in April. If that’s a good month for you, you can jump in! Hope it works out- ttyl Marianne

  6. Marianne Meil says:

    April would be just great! I will keep my eyes open for further information. Thanks for getting back to me.

  7. Pingback: Sculpting, Casting and Writing | Luminous Encaustics

  8. Vicki Schroeder says:

    Linda, I want to try using fabrics with encaustics. Do any of your 2013 Tucson workshops lend themselves to trying that as part of the work you’ve planned?

    • No, in Tucson, the focus is on Encaustic Jewelry rather than Encaustic Painting, but if you check out Art Unraveled in Houston, Texas at the beginning of August, I will be doing Encaustic Painting and so I’ll have my skillets. Basically, for fabric, you’ll be dipping and/or laying the material on a griddle. The griddle can keep it warm while you shape it, but as soon as your fabric hits the air its starts to stiffen. I have tried shaping draped material with a heat gun, but it gets drippy and its very difficult. Maybe piecing pieces together would work for a different look. What look are you going for? 🙂

  9. Vicki Schroeder says:

    Also, I asked this via email but will post here as well. What size do you recommend for objects that we want to cast in resin or wax? I am planning to make some in clay for casting. Thanks!

    • Hi there! So we meet again and we’ll post here so others can learn too!
      We will be trying out different types of molds in class, and usually the students cast pieces that are between 1″ and 3″, because there are lots of color and embedding experiments they want to try. They make a lot of little molds, usually.
      I think your best bet will be to keep the figure under 3″ because you’ll have the most success and the most fun. Larger molds can be more challenging, and you’ll work much harder. You’ll have to be more serious about mixing lots of ICE Resin and you won’t get as many choices with mixed media play if you make one or two big pieces. Of course, maybe you’re a jewelry artist- then you won’t want your pieces bigger than you can wear anyway!
      So sculpt to your taste but with an eye toward having fun and experimenting. If you do sculpt a large piece, like 6″ or so, you can always just cast the head. Single heads come out beautifully!
      I am looking forward to some casting fun in Tucson!! linda

  10. Bambi Anderson says:

    Are you teaching any encaustic classes in March 2013 in Tucson? I am a clay artist and would like to learn the process so I can use it on my sculpture surfaces. Bambi

    • Hi Bambi! No I just returned from teaching in Tucson in February. I’m sorry, but you may be able to find information on painting Encaustic Medium onto a sculptural surface at the R&F forum site. It is tricky to paint a 3-D surface, and it doesn’t always come out how you like. If you want to come take my 3 day workshop at Idyllwild, in California in July, we could work together and there would be tons of time for play. Just bring your pieces, and I’ll have the Encaustic Medium. In that 3 day workshop, which you’ll see on my teaching page, we will be casting polymer sculptures to pour with Encaustic Medium. This may turn out to be a better solution for you anyway- although for you it would be casting clay. As far as I know, I am one of the only Encaustic Artists who is obsessed with casting, so I may be a good fit for you and you may catch my obsession! No way to tell! Ha! -Linda

  11. Bambi Anderson says:

    Thanks, Linda, for the quick reply. I will be back in Minnesota then (I’m in Green Valley now) and at that time, also in between 2 workshops in Santa in early June, one in late August…so, I think that’ll be enough for awhile. The reason I wanted to get a little experience/understanding of the encaustic process is that the August workshop involves both building a figure and learning some of the surface techniques that the instructor/artist. Thaddeus Erdahl uses-one being encaustic. Because I know, by experience, the pace of week long workshops, and because I am a slow learner, I thought some prior hands on experience with encaustics would give me a bit more opportunity to not fall behind.
    I’ll keep looking, in hopes that there is something close by during March, April, May in the Tucson area. Thanks again! bambi

  12. I like your work and would encourage you to submit proposal to the IEA encaustiCon 2013 to be held iin Santa Fe in Late October-early November. You can find the link to the proposal and submission process here: I think your encaustic mixed media work would be interesting for this conference and I think you would like the community. I taught at Art Unraveled last year. Mixed media artists are fun! I think you will find the world of encaustic artists to be even more fun. I look forward to learning from you. Michelle Belto

  13. Thank you Michelle, This is a great compliment, as I have just come back from your beautiful website! I will definitely check in with you! Linda

  14. Laurie Hunt says:

    I see that some others have asked this above, but I thought that I would reinforce the request by saying that it would be so fabulous to take a workshop with you and living in Detroit, I could easily come to Oberlin or Cleveland or wherever you would choose to have a “local” class. I love your work! I play with encaustic painting and attend a week long retreat called Encausticamp on the west coast each year, but would certainly enjoy learning from you closer to home. At that event in July I took a class in sculpting with encaustics, handmade paper and foam with Michelle Belto (I noticed her name above.) A while back I tried to sign up for a newsletter or blog updates or something but was unable to find a way to do that. If you have a newsletter or list for potential students, please include me. As an aside, I have taken a class with Jen Cushman and am a huge fan of the Ice Resin products. Thank you.

    • Ok Laurie, I’ll look into teaching a class at a local cleveland art studio called Small Studio just as soon as I am not so busy!!! I will definitely keep you posted, and I’ll put your email on my encaustic student list! Thank you for your interest and have a great day!! Linda

  15. Hi Linda- took the angels & Daguerrotype classes with you in Tucson. I really want to take more classes, especially .Caveo -riliveo. Could come back to tucson ( live in ABQ), and also would come to OH if you had a 2-4 day class. I love loved both classes and yearning for more! Tricia

    • Hi Tricia! I updated my TBTB classes today, and I hope you’ll come take multiple encaustic classes with me! I can’t wait to see you there! Linda

      • Tricia Simmons says:

        Thanks for the update- I did look at the classes, and am most interested in is Cryptic encaustics. Considering what I’ve already taken, what other class(es) wluld you recommend?

  16. Hi Tricia! I think you would like any of the four encaustic classes at TBTB. Take a couple of them, really, they’re all going to be fun! The coolest thing is that in my classes this year you get to do a full encaustic painting and then translate that into the jewelry piece. I made the classes 6 hours this year, whereas last year they were four hours- with the extra two hours I think we’ll have more time to play, expand our skills, discuss ideas and share without the rush. Seeing that you were looking forward to Caveo Riliveo, I think you would like the workshops that dig into the wax like Cryptic Encaustics and Waxing Images. The Angels class last year used casting and embedding of collage, which Wearable Shrines has this year (although its more playful and you make multiples), and Word Shield has transparent layering like Dagguerreotype last year (but it has a full painting and metallic script) so yes, I think your best bet is to take the digging workshops: Cryptic and/or Waxing Images. Looking forward to the relaxing fun! See you soon- Linda

  17. Grace a haynes says:

    I live in chandler Az . I would like to know if you are coming back to Tucson Az

  18. Anne Jerram says:

    Hello Linda,

    Just found out about you. I live in the Phoenix,AZ, area. Do you plan a workshop in AZ in the future? If it is in Tucson, do your workshops last more than one day?
    With advertising in art supply stores, I am positive you would have students here in North Phoenix and there is a wonderful location on Carefree highway at 56th St., sponsored by the Paradise Valley Community College, which may be inexpensive to rent.
    I am very interested in taking one of your workshops.

    Kind regards,

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