Encaustic Kits & Tutorials

Luminous Encaustics Jewelry Kits are in limited supply but you can still enjoy the tutorials for encaustic jewelry making or email me at linda@luminousencaustics.info to purchase one of these rare kits.

Encaustic Wax Blox Inspirations (640x275)

Wearable Encaustic Jewelry Kits: Left to Right: Wearable Encaustic Shrine II (blue with charm), Wearable Encaustic Shrine I (red with icon), Word Shield, Cryptic Encaustics, Waxing Images, Encaustic Daguerreotype

In each Luminous Encaustic Jewelry Kit, I have designed a palette of individually unique encaustic colors, provided a collection of 4-5 beautiful bezels, and included the basic tools and mixed media needed to create that theme’s encaustic jewelry. Each kit contains the supplies needed to make one large and one medium encaustic pendant, plus one pair of beautiful encaustic earrings. You will need a candle warmer and an embossing heat gun to make the beautiful encaustic jewelry held within. Makes a great gift! 


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To see them in my Luminous Encaustics Etsy store….click here

Thank you!

– Linda Lenart McNulty


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