Luminous Encaustics

I may have Encaustic Shakudo Reliquaries for sale in my Etsy shop. Email me for pricing and personalized selection.

Linda Lenart McNulty-Crying Saint Shrine I (800x649)

I may have Luminous Encaustics Jewelry Kits…

Luminous Encaustics Jewelry Kits (640x255)

And I may have Jeweler’s Grade Wax Blox in the  

Luminous Encaustics Etsy Store

Encaustic Jewelry Kits in Process (563x548) (2)


19 Responses to Purchase

  1. Jill Allen says:

    My sister and I (Susan and Jill- 2 sisters from Ohio) really enjoyed your encaustics shrine class in Tucson. Can’t wait for your tutorials. I have been busy making jewelry and shrines since I came home. So much FUN!

  2. Betti Zucker says:

    linda, it’s bz from tuscon. I would love some color box for jewelry making. I addicted! please add me to your class email list too. also what was the name of the torch we used in class. time to get one. many thanks and honey hugs bz

  3. Hi BeZee! I don’t know what a color box is, but I know what addicted is! The torch we used was the plain old Blazer micro torch. It takes butane and it has a nice lack of dials and safeties that makes it easy to turn on and off for quick fusing. I am about to do a mailing for my locals, so I’ll throw you on. I’m only teaching locally right now. xoxox

    • betti zucker says:

      Ahh typos! Lol. Color wax blocks that you make & sell that’s “jewelry grade”. Honey hugs

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Hi BeeZee, so I have a random, gorgeous assortment of Wax Blox here- I haven’t had them listed on Etsy because I am preoccupied with sorting and packing for the eventual sale of our home, and so I took most everything off Etsy (also my printer died and I haven’t replaced it – and you know there’s all that labeling that goes with each sale). But all that aside, I have the clear, natural, uncolored Wax Blox (6 per pack) and I have the 4 packs containing different variations on blue/green, red/orange and yellow/purple. Are you looking to mix your own color or do you want a variety pack of color and what range? Give me a ball park and I’ll post something on Etsy for you to grab. Thanks darlin! Ps: the kits are on Etsy and they have the bezels and everything, but you’re probably loaded with bezels! 🙂

  4. Betti Zucker says:

    i would take 3 blox kit’s One clear, one blues and one yellow orange. I want to make some myself , but need you over my shoulders for proportions colors like lime green and lavender. Honey Hugs…. Hope you have some fun classes lined up for BeadBlue or what ever it’s called. bz

  5. I’ll post a few Wax Blox on Etsy then. Thanks Bee Zee! -Linda

  6. Linda are you teaching any where?wil you be in tucson again?

    • Hi Leslie! Well, yes! I am teaching locally! So come take a trip to Oberlin. I set up my workshops to accommodate travelers by making them a 2 day workshop on the weekends once a month. Pick one that you like and come on over! Really, we have such a blast in these workshops and you can get so much more personal attention than when I am on the road. You should really consider it. Just check out my workshop page. I hope to see you! take care, Linda 🙂

  7. Kathy Allen says:

    Received my shrine jewelry kit yesterday in the mail, and couldn’t wait to “play” with everything. I am currently waiting for the candle warmer to warm up my first wax chunk. Everything is better than I anticipated, and I am extremely excited about adding this tool to my “art arsenal” for future wearable pieces. Thank you so much, and please offer more coloured wax on your etsy or web sites so I can stock up on payday! Your pieces are amazing, and I WILL be back to get more. A new medium to work with is a gift to me that I thank you for. You and your sister are treasures.

  8. Kathy Allen says:

    Linda, I went to etsy today to purchase some wax blocks, but I guess they’re no longer available, even uncoloured? Any chance you’ll be listing some soon? I have used up all the leftover wax from my kit and still have some bezels to embellish!

  9. Hi Kathy- hang on – let me check into that real quick…..thanks 🙂

  10. Hi again! Ok, Sorry about that! Some things had sold out and I hadn’t reset the store. The clear Wax Blox are available now, and if you’re looking for the colorful Wax Blox, give me until tomorrow and I’ll get some in the store. Thanks for your business Kathy! I am glad to hear your creativity is running wild and waxy! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. Kathy Allen says:

    It’s not just the beauty and ease of working with this stuff: it SMELLS amazing. I’m not sure why, but just smelling it melting makes me happy. Was this a happy accident, or by design? I wish I smelled like this all the time…

  12. Hi Kathy! That’s by design! The bees and the trees were thinking of you! 🙂

  13. Kathy Allen says:

    Linda, just wanted to send you a personal note about my “tears” shrine. It is sitting before me as I type this, and I simply can’t stop looking at it. Like all exceptional art, it makes me want to create something. I love having this very special shrine in my studio, and look forward to making my own. Since I know you are not traveling for a while, please let us all know what on-line tutorials or blogs are upcoming, I would love to learn more about making my own shrines! But I can definitely see myself acquiring another one or two of yours in the future as well… Thank you again, and you can rest assured that this shrine has a good home.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Sorry at my late response, but thank you so much! You are such an encouragement and I am so pleased to know that you love your Tears Shrine! I can’t wait to see what you create with all that lovely energy of yours. I’ll let you know when I get a tutorial going. I suffer from techie-itis- so it takes me a while to figure out each social media process! So much to learn. Well right now I’m enjoying my little art retreat so back to the studio! Take care! Keep in touch 🙂 -Linda

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