About Me

I am an Ohio artist formally trained at Columbia College, Chicago, with degrees in Fine Art and Modern Dance. The process of making art is a spiritual experience for me. I spend a lot of time just divinely receiving in both my studio and walking about in life, so I am in a constant state of bliss, while documenting and developing the ideas I am given. I feel more like a visual channel than anything else, except possibly an inventor. In my work, I manifest my visions by playing with materials, and developing techniques. My favorite materials are natural fibers like grasses, pine needles and linen; plus beeswax, tree sap, oily pigments and metal leaf. I am blessed to be a working artist, growing and sharing my discoveries with others, at beautiful art retreats. Please come join me in this amazing and transformative process of creating art together. 🙂


Linda Lenart McNulty (480x640)



7 Responses to About Me

  1. Sheila Montoya says:

    love your wok and attitude! I grew up in Ohio but am a New Mexico transplant for the past 30 years…just took a 2 days class with susan at Art Unraveled, now looking ahead to Houston!

  2. susan says:

    Hi Linda! I love your beautiful work! Thanks for everything xxooxox

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  4. nobody I is says:

    What wonderful pieces you have created. You are very talented and artistic. I,would like to see more.I am very proud of you. love D. A. D.

  5. kathy eileen says:

    Thank you SO much for the fun and funny creative weekend workshop! I learned so much and enjoyed the warm and inviting atmosphere you create! Hope to attend again:>

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