Linda Lenart McNulty

I am an Ohio artist formally trained at Columbia College, Chicago, with degrees in Fine Art and Modern Dance. As a young college student, in spite of my love for drawing, I found myself dancing on tables for a good stretch, sought out dance instruction, and found a home performing on the streets of Chicago and in Russian ballet training. This love of movement and bodies in motion led me to the sculpting of the human form, which then led me to carving in wax. Wax eventually led me to Encaustic Painting, which then completed the cycle back to drawing and visual art! Go figure! Recently I have been bringing my joy of teaching to Art Retreats and Conferences where I meet fellow artists and teach mixed-media workshops. Check out my workshops on the workshop page on this site and feel free to contact me at . I love the experience of artists collecting in classrooms, drinking in each other’s creative energy and learning together what would take so much longer to learn apart. Come join the fun! You won’t regret it- at every retreat, and at every workshop I ask Spirit, “what will you show me today?” and as I leave for home I am always amazed by what I’ve learned and by the little nuggets without which I couldn’t possibly proceed in my work! We can all learn from each other! That’s why we gather in workshops- to share and to expedite our learning process! So come- let’s learn and play together!

And thanks for checking in!


Linda Lenart McNulty (480x640)

7 Responses to Linda Lenart McNulty

  1. Sheila Montoya says:

    love your wok and attitude! I grew up in Ohio but am a New Mexico transplant for the past 30 years…just took a 2 days class with susan at Art Unraveled, now looking ahead to Houston!

  2. susan says:

    Hi Linda! I love your beautiful work! Thanks for everything xxooxox

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  4. nobody I is says:

    What wonderful pieces you have created. You are very talented and artistic. I,would like to see more.I am very proud of you. love D. A. D.

  5. kathy eileen says:

    Thank you SO much for the fun and funny creative weekend workshop! I learned so much and enjoyed the warm and inviting atmosphere you create! Hope to attend again:>

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