Encaustic Sculpture Gallery

Out For a Walk (640x427)

In these Encaustic Sculptures, the little trolls are shown to have movable heads and joints. I must have a toy fetish. Also, some you can see, have a little removable organ. This would be a heart, but its on a spiritual level, so it is simply depicted as a little ball lying in the solar plexis. It reminds me of the game where you toss the little ball in and out of the cup on a stick. Next batch I think I’ll make the ball attached on a thread to the hole, so the little ball can get tossed in and out. In terms of the Martyr figure, it’s a sad tale, as is the tale of many martyrs. After all, what is the sound of one Martyr plucking out her own heart in the forest? This martyr has just emerged from her grotto, where she made a life changing decision. She has finally just plunged her heart from her chest, and offers it as a gift to her babies, who are crying all around her, hungry. She has given everything, but how can she help them? Alas, she has made a fatal mistake, in giving all of herself- every last drop, she has nothing for the babies to grow on. They needed their own hearts to be developed, and not just to be given hers on a platter. Alas and alak, too soon old, too late wise.


2 Responses to Encaustic Sculpture Gallery

  1. i love the heart lady,like me give everything and be left with nothing.

    • So true Jane, so true! It leaves us wondering, would we do it again – and is life just a dirty trick? But then we realize its all for our spiritual growth, we must throw off the old and take on a new skin and a new life!

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