Encaustic Painting Gallery

Encaustic Wabi Sabi 1 - Linda Lenart McNulty (638x640)


23 Responses to Encaustic Painting Gallery

  1. catherine says:

    i really love your work, it’s awesome, i am another artist using this wonderful medium, from Australia…i would love to make some of this jewelry,for myself and my daughter..8)

  2. Hi Catherine! If you already know how to make encaustic art, making jewelry will be an easy transition for you. Just pour your encaustic medium into any size metal bezels from ICE Resin. I like the larger bezels because you can play more. My absolute favorites are the Staple Bezels because you can basically create a small double-sided painting (true, with this process you have to pour a mold, but you can buy ICE Resin’s mold putty for that job). Then do your favorite encaustic technique right in the bezel! As long as you like to work tiny, you’ll enjoy it. Keep your designs simple and make your color delicious. Then let your encaustic jewelry cure over time, just like you would a painting, before you wear it! That’s all. After my long teaching stint in January and February, my plan is to post a video tutorial, create a flip-book and make some encaustic jewelry kits. I’d love to see what you and your daughter create. Please email a photo or post a comment when you finish, will you? Good luck! Linda

  3. catherine says:

    I just found your response to my comment, am so sorry for the delay about thanking you for the wonderful information, life has just been so busy and still is since xmas eve, as of next week and school resumes some normality should return and more studio time..i ordered 2 bezels and some ice resin from ” a mark in time” when the time is right i’ll have time to play, thankyou linda for taking the time out to reply to me….

  4. solomonchik says:

    I just love your work, Linda, and your generous how-to’s are much appreciated. I’ve been wanting to try jewelry, as my encaustic work keeps getting smaller, instead of the obvious going bigger! Must be a reason. THanks for the inspiration and your beautiful work.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I just stumbled upon this post while doing a search for putting encaustic wax in a bezel!! i cant wait til you do a tutorial and have some encaustic jewelry kits!! thank you for being so generous with your information!

  6. Lara says:

    I have a question. Do you need to do anything to prepare the bezel before pouring your encaustic medium? I’m guessing sanding it a bit? Anything else?

    • Hi Lara,
      The most important thing you can do is WARM your bezel! Toss it on the griddle or candle warmer for a while, take it off with tweezers and lay it on foil or silicone. Then pour the encaustic wax.
      And as long as you have a closed-back bezel, you don’t need to sand because the wax and the metal are like chocolate and peanut butter. They just grab onto each other. Open-back bezels need to have a small screw drilled into the side to grab onto the wax. If you want to have extra stability though with a closed-back bezel, you can drill a screw into the back of your bezel either before or after the wax is poured in. If you do a lot of drilling its easy enough to drill with the wax in- if its new to you, try drilling first, then tape the hole while you pour in the wax, and finally, just twist the screw into the hole when the wax is set.
      Have fun!

      • Lara says:

        Thanks for the info! I was hesitant to try it because an encaustic book that I have been reading says that the medium will only adhere to a porous surface (although she is talking about paintings, not jewelry, and she did indicate that metal was possible on a smaller scale.) However, I knew that you have been using bezels. The class that I took with you in Tucson last year used a staple bezel, rather than a closed-back bezel, so we had not covered this. I’m looking forward to your classes in Feb!

  7. Thanks Lara! I am looking forward to Tucson as well! See you there! 🙂 Linda

  8. The screw idea is interesting. If I would use an open back bezel, not a staple bezel, could I pour into the bezel on silicone ? I presume micro screws?
    Tucson is going to be great- can’t wait.

    • Hi Tricia, NO!! The wax will spill everywhere if you just lay the open-backed bezel on the silicone! You must BURNISH duct, masking or painters tape onto the back of the bezel. Once its taped, heat it just a little by laying the front of the bezel on the griddle, then lay the whole taped thing onto the silicone and pour your wax. And yes, micro screws! 🙂

  9. Hi Linda! I noticed you are offering a workshop in Oberlin the 1st of march and I am EXTREMELY intrigued! is the workshop jewelry based or artwork based (either will do..lol) I am also wondering are there any supplies I need to bring with me?

    • Hi Sheryl! I’m so glad you have discovered this little gem of a workshop I am teaching in March! This workshop is painting based, but uses techniques in painting and collage. We will be layering organic papers and objects which will take hold as the wax cools, once we lift it off the palette. It’s a different way of working in encaustics; it will open your eyes to working with wax on and off the palette and transforming everyday objects; it will excite your color sensibilities, and it will loosen up your creativity in your approach to art. I will be bringing interesting papers, botanicals and odds-and-ends for the students to embed into the wax, but I encourage you to bring any personal items you’d like to work into your collages. Bring coffee beans or tea bags, thread or ribbon, unusual paper or xeroxed photos (laser or toner copies are more versatile than ink jet), dried flower petals, etc. Bring some to trade or share if you like, or keep your items to yourself. I’ll have lots. We’ll have a great time- hope you can come! Sign up by calling FAVA: (440) 774-7158

  10. I have some drawings that I may find interesting that I have thought would b rather cool to use so I should make copies? If I enjoy, which sounds like I will.. I may sign up for the 4 week workshop and switch some stuff up .. as well… where do I get toner copies made these days ?
    See u on the 1st

    • I think you will like encaustics enough to take the series of 4 classes later! You can hand over your drawings or a thumb drive with images already on it to any of the staff at Staples, you know, the chain. If there’s writing on them, tell them to reverse it (mirror image) because as a photo transfer it will go on backwards. You could get forwards ones too to use as collage. Also, I’ll show you techniques for drawing directly on the paper, so if you like to draw you can just do it free hand or trace your images at the workshop. You’ll like how this looks. There are lots of things to try! I’m glad you can draw- encaustic painting is an art form for everyone, but if you can draw, you can really work some magic! See you soon!

  11. When u see my art work u will understand that re drawing is probably not an optio but I think that I found something that would but the final “piece and punch” it has its been missing.. see u soon and soo looking forward to it!

  12. Alrighty then! I’m intrigued Sheryl!

  13. I would like to take a class. Are you located in Minneapolis or will you be doing a class here?

    • Hi Jane, I am located in Oberlin, Ohio. I teach a weekend workshop at the end of every month, so you could come and stay in my quaint college town for the weekend, take my workshop and enjoy the town. There is a lot to do here in Oberlin- I am sure you would have a great time- currently I am only teaching locally. Check out the workshop page for more information.

  14. kathy eileen says:

    Hi, Linda: I’m taking your encaustic workshop this weekend (March 2015) and I CAN’T WAIT! I have lots of questions about encaustic in general, but I’m wondering how you achieved the green color of the first piece on this page?

  15. Hi Kathy, I’m looking forward to working together this weekend. That green was achieved by adding layers and layers of color, and then scraping the top layer to reveal the hidden layers. It’s a simple technique, and one that will stay with you as your work matures, and is added onto. Guess what- Next month’s workshop is on color and this is exactly what we will explore. Rich, interesting colors that are achieved through understanding color, and mixing on and off the palette (griddle). I hope you can make it!
    -Linda 🙂

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