Fire heading toward Idyllwild


I just returned from a breathtaking trip up into the mountains of Idyllwild in Southern, California.

But a huge forest fire broke out near the foot of the Idyllwild mountain the day after we all left!

I am filled with a mixture of emotions – Thank God the fire started the day after the massive group of teens left Idyllwild! They had just finished up a 6 week theater/art camp, and were heading home with their parents. The place was packed with parents, siblings, friends, faculty, staff… then Sunday, the last of my 3-day workshop, the students and their families had packed up and gone! It was quiet and empty up on that mountain. Except for my class. We were working away, assembling our mixed-media cages and decking out our cast Santos figures. We worked all day, held a critique where each woman talked about her process, her discoveries and her outcome. Then we all departed among hugs and laughter.

Sandy Martin and I left at 4:30 am the next morning, spent the day in airports, and by the time we reached our respective homes and caught some sleep, we began hearing about the fire.

My heart goes out to all the Idyllwild locals. They have a truly special mountain filled with art and offerings to grow oneself. Please keep them in your prayers. It’s so dry in California right now, and the wind had shifted toward Idyllwild after burning for two days. The billowing smoke has grown so huge, embers could ride up the channel of heat and drop down anywhere. Please pray to keep Idyllwild safe and secure. Firefighters are doing all they can, coming out in the hundreds, now reaching over a thousand. Planes are dropping extinguishing chemicals from overhead.

The locals have evacuated but our hope remains with them.

I’ll post more on my class when I know the residents are safe.

Have a blessed day – and make each day count!



About Linda Lenart McNulty

I am an artist with a spirit to share, inspire and heal others through my work, which is currently exploring the Awakening of the Santos Cage figurative form in sculpture and intaglio painting. My quest is to channel art through Spirit, while bringing others into connection with their creative selves, using the joy of life, the gift of color and the discovery of form as vehicles to expression. Find me at:
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