Being Authentic Makes You Nicer












If you are doing what you are meant to do, no surprise – you’ll be a nicer person to be around. If you are meant to be an Artist, then you’ve got to make Art!

Are you stretching yourself, exhausting yourself, to take care of others, meeting others needs, only to find when you get to your stuff, there’s nothing left to go around?

You need to find a way to schedule yourself into your own life; to set a time in your calendar just for your studio time – then, I guarantee, you will be happier and you will in turn, make the others around you happier.

Really, by holding back on yourself for others, you do everyone a disservice, including of course, yourself. But you don’t really mind doing a disservice to yourself. You maybe put yourself last. A lot of us do. Most of us do, probably, without realizing it.

But try for a week, scheduling yourself in for one to two (schedule one hour but aim for two) hours a day. You’ll be surprised what happens! I bet you start smiling at your housemate, and saying nice things to the cat!

If you don’t know where to start when you start, just begin by clearing a space for possibilities. Make a cup of tea and begin the sorting process to see where you left off when you last visited yourself. Maybe you’ll find yourself in that pile!

Today you tell yourself what goes in and what stays out of your schedule. Tell yourself you’ll see yourself in the studio tomorrow. Now invite the Holy Spirit to meet you there and don’t be late, because if you invite the Holy Spirit, he/she’ll definitely be there waiting for you. You don’t believe me? Just try it!

Happy Studio Time and Happy New Year!


About Linda Lenart McNulty

I am an artist with a spirit to share, inspire and heal others through my work, which is currently exploring the Awakening of the Santos Cage figurative form in sculpture and intaglio painting. My quest is to channel art through Spirit, while bringing others into connection with their creative selves, using the joy of life, the gift of color and the discovery of form as vehicles to expression. Find me at:
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