God’s-Eye by Linda Lenart McNulty

I was driving to my co-op today day-dreaming about a variety of things, when I realized I couldn’t remember the Encaustic technique I had created in my mind, that I should have written in my journal – I was supposed to write it in my journal… but I must have felt too sure of it, because where did my mind tuck away this information?

Then I remembered the advice that I always give to others – so I gave it to myself.

“Self,” I said. “You have to Ask.”

“That’s right!” I said to myself, “I do have to Ask!”

“Thanks for reminding me.”

“No problem.”

So I asked the Holy Spirit, “please, can you remind me what that technique was that you showed me?” (I have good manners.)

Because, truly, the flashes of beautiful pieces, or gorgeous color combinations, or the way two things come together that I see in my mind’s eye – those things I attribute to God’s-Eye.

I get to share in God’s-Eye because I am an Artist and I Ask to take part. If I don’t Ask, how can God’s Eye show me what it wants me to see? And why would God have made me an Artist, after all, if he/she doesn’t want to show me through his/her Eye, all of its beautiful Creations, Inventions and Play. You know, play on Color, Texture, Composition…Variations on a Theme…that sort of thing.

And even when I forget the beautiful flash of an idea that Spirit gave me…I know it will show me again. All I have to do is Ask.

And Spirit does show me again. Not just because Spirit is generous, but because God too, is an Artist.

ps I will be teaching this God’s-Eye Encaustic Jewelry piece as a workshop at To Be True Blue in Tucson Arizona, Feb 2013, Click here for details.


About Linda Lenart McNulty

I am an artist with a spirit to share, inspire and heal others through my work, which is currently exploring the Awakening of the Santos Cage figurative form in sculpture and intaglio painting. My quest is to channel art through Spirit, while bringing others into connection with their creative selves, using the joy of life, the gift of color and the discovery of form as vehicles to expression. Find me at: lindalenartmcnulty.com
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