Oberlin College Winter Workshop 2012

Exploring Encaustics Winter Workshop:  January 9 – 20, 2012

It’s time to play with hot wax in the warm Sculpture Studio at Oberlin College while the icy snow falls outside!

This workshop will be two weeks long, Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm, with a one hour lunch break each day.

We will explore all aspects of Encaustic Painting, including:

painting, pouring, fusing

layering and scraping

transparency and opacity

intaglio, sgraffito and intarsia

metallic, photo and image transfer



color studies: including analagous and complementary colors studies, warm and cool color studies, and analyzing and layering color studies

mono, dip and triptych forms

texture studies, including ironing, using a hot wax pen and a palette knife

surface play: direct and indirect transferring of marks and mediums

collage: including dipping, painting, tacking, fusing and adornment

metallic play: including stenciling metallic leaf, metallic transfer paper, and mica powder

stamping with batik stamps and found objects

text: including ancient, foreign, personal and found

and more suprises yet!

There will be lots of discussion and critique; the last Friday evening we will have a student showing of favorite works!


About Linda Lenart McNulty

I am an artist with a spirit to share, inspire and heal others through my work, which is currently exploring the Awakening of the Santos Cage figurative form in sculpture and intaglio painting. My quest is to channel art through Spirit, while bringing others into connection with their creative selves, using the joy of life, the gift of color and the discovery of form as vehicles to expression. Find me at: lindalenartmcnulty.com
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6 Responses to Oberlin College Winter Workshop 2012

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m eating my heart out Linda – wish I could attend this workshop! Do you offer any other workshops for encaustic painting? I’m looking for something open to the general public, suitable for all skill levels and shorter than 2 weeks. If not, can you refer any other workshop resources in or near Ohio? Thanks so much! Your work is beautiful : )

    • Hi Jennifer! I’m really just getting started. I’ll really be rolling by next year because I’ll be finished homeschooling, and I’ll really have time to teach and create! Where are you located? Are you an Oberlin student? I am considering doing an encaustic workshop in Vermilion, Ohio in Spring, 2012, with some friends and locals. I just set up a new email for this site at linda@luminousencaustics.info. Drop me a line and we’ll talk! 🙂

  2. alisonleigh says:

    your work is beautiful Linda. I’m originally from chicago, now in San Francisco past 15 years and loving doing encaustic. i met patricia at a workshop in washington last year at Greenwauld Guild…do you know it? anyway, also wondering how i can learn your techniques…i want to make encaustic jewelry like yours and interested in finding out more…

    • Hi Allison! Thanks for your encouragement! I promise you making encaustic jewelry is so much fun, you’ll love it! I will be making a video tutorial by March on the process, maybe sooner, depending on my teaching schedule. Check back right away though, I’m planning on posting during my Oberlin College Workshop this January, and maybe I can sneak in a posting about the jewelry making. I’m glad you got to meet Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. She’s really a vibrant teacher and I have yet to meet her in person! I’ll have to check into this Greenwauld Guild. Are you a group of encaustic artists? Time to surf…Take care and check back soon!

  3. Megan says:

    Like Jennifer, I am interested in a shorter introductory workshop in Ohio. I am in the Columbus area, but can travel throughout the state.

  4. Sounds good to me Megan! I’ll see what I can drum up! I’m off to Tucson, see you on the return trip!
    Linda : )

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