Welcome to My Studio!

Linda Lenart McNulty Encaustic


Encaustic Open Studio Workshop!

Featuring:Reflective Surfaces

July 26 – 27, 2014


All Supplies Provided


This month we will again be playing in FAVA’s fully loaded encaustic studio, where beginner students and artists play side by side creating Encaustic paintings, with my guidance. Bring in something that inspires you, like an organic object, an image from a magazine, a bit of color, or an image captured on your phone. We can study your item and translate that inspiration into wax! There will be lots of time to expand your idea, play, and to inspire the others around you. Workshops are small and personal; we laugh a lot and there is lots of one-on-one instruction.


July’s demo will be on everything Reflective. In fact, that is the idea theme as well: Reflection. I will give demos using all kinds of Reflective Mixed Media: Mirrored Tiles, Mica Stone, Shattered Iridescent Mica, Mica Powder, “antiqued” Rhinestones and Pearls, lots of Metal Leaf, Metallic Transfer Foil, Metallic R&F Pigment Sticks, and Metallic Encaustic Paint. When this reflective mixed media accentuates your paintings’ smooth waxy surfaces and images from your reflections, you’ll see your ideas come together in a way that satisfies your inner artist!

Come Explore Encaustic Painting on the last weekend in July!

at the FAVA Center, Oberlin, Ohio

13 Responses to Welcome to My Studio!

  1. Francie Kossak says:

    how do i get on a newsletter list for upcoming workshops? Can make a custom one with 5-6 people? Phoenix in the winter of 2014….room and board provided?

    • Hi Francie!
      I’ll add your email to my students list- it’s Francie@cox.net? You know, I teach Encaustic Jewelry and Resin Casting at To Bead True Blue in Tucson in Jan/Feb 2014. Maybe there is a way I could skip over to Phoenix right before or right after that show and teach my Santos Class. Is that the one you are looking for? Your small group may work out, as students don’t often like to commit to a workshop longer than one day long at conferences. We would need a couple of days. It’s a 3 day workshop when it has all the trimmings, but that can be shortened. Also, I am going to be teaching my Santos Workshop online in the very near future, so that may suit you, although it’s nice to connect as real human being artists together. Let me think about it and let me know what you are after- Santos? Which orientation? Sculpting-Casting-Assemblage with Metalwork-Embellishment? Also, your group could come to Tucson and I could teach the Santos class at To Bead True Blue in an extended way, if you really have 5 students that would sign up. I could get a few more and we could have a good time. Email me at linda@luminousencaustics.info— ttyl linda

  2. Betti Zucker says:

    please add me to your list of classes Betti Zucker = bettiz@me.com Hoping to meet you @ true blue

  3. Will do Betti! Can’t wait to play together! I can smell the wax…. :)

  4. constance mortensen says:

    I loved taking all four of your classes in Tucson but had to leave for my soldering class before saying goodbye. Hope to do it again…I am so motivated to continue…Thanks for all of the stimulating and fun teaching…Please put me on the list for upcoming workshops. constance.mortensen@gmail.com

    • Will do Connie! Thank you for all of your enthusiasm – you were an energetic and motivated student and it was great to see you connect with the wax and increase in expertise every day. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

  5. Janet wade says:

    Please add me to you newsletter for classes and workshops. Love your jewelry!!!!!!! I am originally from Cleveland area . Thanks

  6. Janet wade says:

    Please add me to your newsletter for upcoming workshops. Thank you

  7. Beverlee says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for posting all the instructions! When will the sixth kit be available?


  8. Kathleen says:

    Hi Linda,
    I want to experiment with encaustic wax on paper, embedded into resin. Everyone I’ve asked (pros who work with resin) has told me this can’t be done because they are incompatible materials, but it seems like you are doing this in your encaustic jewelry workshops. Am I correct? I’d like to be put on your mailing list if so! Also, any tips or cautions to share as I experiment on my own would be much appreciated. kbee65@gmail.com

    • Hi Kathleen, you might as well jump in and try things- that is how new techniques are invented, but no I don’t embed things into resin that are encaustic. The only way to get ice resin to stick to wax is by locking it onto the edges of the bezel so it actually floats over the wax. It never actually sticks and the two will never be compatible. On my figurative work, the resin sticks to itself as it wraps around the figure, here again, floating over the surface of the wax. Happy Creating! Linda

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